LiDAR 3D Laser Scans

Laser scanning provides survey-grade contour mapping, generating a point cloud that penetrates tree canopy to find bare earth. Place in Revit for volume measurements. Stamping services for recordation available.


Assess roof condition, concrete delamination, HVAC leaks, bad electrical circuits and faulty insulation. Our thermal cameras identify water and air intrusion through surface temperature readings.

Inspection Photos

Hi-res photos are ideal for facade inspections to show cracks, caulking, and roof conditions; access hard to survey areas and avoid man-lifts, scaffolding, boots-on-the-ground.


Validate construction progress - volumes, surface area, linear measurements, and lot size calculated quickly and easily by altering 2-D photos to produce 3-D models.

The Mid-Atlantic's leading provider of engineering drone services

Make better, more informed decisions with more data

We provide construction companies, engineering firms, architectural agencies, and developers precision data with LiDAR 3D Laser Scans, thermography, and RTK hi-res photography. These files allow our clients to make more informed decisions with:

  • Project bidding and estimates
  • Vendor transparency
  • Quality control with project status

Our drones are more accurate than civil surveys, replacing the need for using man-lifts, repelling engineers down tall buildings, standing dangerously near busy roadways with equipment, or building costly scaffolding for structure and bridge inspections.

Get more information from hard-to-survey areas and coastal regions.

It's done in 3 easy steps

           You name the site                        We collect the data               We process & deliver your files