LiDAR 3D Laser Scans

What is LiDAR? 

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor measures the time it takes light to bounce off the earth and return to the sensor - at 300,000 light pulses per second, 250 elevations per square foot. The sensor can gather 250 million points in 15 minutes of autonomous flying and create topographical maps with high accuracy through software rendering. 

What conditions are needed for LiDAR 3D Laser Scans? 

Our system is bottlenecked by legal and hardware limitations of drones. We are unable to fly in precipitation, strong winds (>20mph), or extreme temperatures.  




How safe are the drones?

Extremely safe! We use the latest in drone technology to ensure accuracy and safety. In fact, some of our drones are equipped with engineering that allows the drones to auto-rotate to the earth, in the unlikely event that one or more motors fail.

Are we insured?

Yes, our company, equipment, and pilots are fully ensured. 

What qualifications do our pilots have?

Our primary pilots are 107 certified by the FAA, have extensive experience with drones, AND are licensed and fly manned aircraft.