Aerial Services


Aerial 3-D laser scanning is a new way to survey and obtain data that was never available before. Map everything – buildings, parking lots, trees, streams and topography. Our files are ready to be placed in CAD programs.

Thermal Imaging

With radiometric thermal cameras, our images reveal issues with temperature measurements per pixel. This means finding temperature differences to exactly locate thermal losses, leaks, unsafe electrical and HVAC.

Inspection Photography

Hi-res photos provides a vantage point that is not otherwise available - see incredible detail of exterior facades - roof sags, deteriorating conditions, ... - only observable from drones.


Manage, measure, and communicate site progress with detailed bird's eye that includes a 3D model. Unlike Google Earth, the photogrammetry is current.

LiDAR - 3D Laser Scans

Light Detection And Ranging – 3D scans that send 300,000 light pulses/second across an area with 250 points per sq ft, capturing entire topography, including earth’s surface below tree canopy. 

Millions of survey-grade points for detailed measurements.. The technology is survey-grade accurate for stamping and recordation.


  • Site assessment with precise, detailed, survey-grade point clouds (vs traditional methods)
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and topos for site analysis and planning
  • Vendor transparency – construction progress and quality checks of actual progress vs plan
  • Expanded bidding capabilities & better bid estimates
  • Detailed scans of waterfront and tough terrain, inaccessible to survey crews


Revit-/CAD-ready files

Deer Meadow measurements snip.PNG

Thermal image of roof, showing temperature readings and problem spots

Thermal image of roof, showing temperature readings and problem spots


Thermal scans capture details invisible to the naked eye by making subtle temperature differences visible - see the unseen.


  • Thorough, accurate assessment of area that shows water or air intrusion with flat roofs and siding
  • Safer, faster, more accurate cement delamination detection vs chain drag and hammer sounding


Analysis report and images

Hi-Res / Inspection Photography

Drone photography is better, faster, easier, and cheaper than traditional inspections. Inspect facades and get close-ups. See cracks, bad caulking, roof conditions, and more ... and view with incredible detail without using manlifts or repelling from the roof.


  • Close-up visuals
  • Facade assessments, historic preservation, and building renovations
  • High quality images for conducting initial estimates
  • Safe reviews of hazmat areas and difficult to access sites and structures - without putting boots on the ground


  • Organized image files

Poly Google.png


Photogrammetry is 2D photos algoritmically altered to produce orthomosaics and 3D models. Specialized software generates volumes, surface area, linear measurements, and lot size. 


  • Quick calculations of Cut & Fill surface areas
  • High quality, site images for conducting initial estimates
  • Current photos of area with 25x better resolution than Google Earth
  • Subcontractor progress checks with data overlay in BIM
  • Timeline analysis


Revit-/CAD and other software interface for measurement


  • Detailed, precise data
  • Safer alternative to manlifts and propelling crews on structures
  • Far more information that is easy to understand and use
  • Quick turnaround
  • Less costly
  • Access to hard to reach areas and rugged terrain